Exploring awe in architecture

Passiv(doppler)house in Search of the Sublime: 2022 Canadian Architect Award Winner

EDGZ Architecture & Design Studio is an award-winning Toronto-based practice, exploring awe in architecture to create deeper, more meaningful spatial experiences in partnership with conscientious clients, while contributing to the collective challenge of addressing climate change through high performance buildings.
EDGZ is an acronym of aspirational principles to guide the studio. The first letter stands for 'Exoteric', which is key to establishing the practice's methodological foundations. The word describes external knowledge, or that which can be ascertained by anyone, even though in some cases it may be difficult to do so. This is in opposition to esoteric, which is internal, or known to very few.

The principle translates to being open and transparent in all aspects of the practice, not least of all with our clients to create trust and lasting partnerships. The ideal is that each project becomes a melding of minds, where clients' vision and architect's praxis weave together to create a new vision of the built environment.

More about EDGZ principles on the Studio page

Praxis (n.): How theory is implemented, which in architecture means building buildings (slate.com)

    Case Study
    Using 3D modelling and visualization to help the In-Verdure House clients understand and appreciate their new light-filled oasis.
    3D Panorama Instructions: Best viewed on desktop fullscreen. If viewed with a modern mobile device, click on the 'motion sensor' icon to look around the scene by moving the device. Use the 'media strip' thumbnails on the right side to move locations or click on geo pin icons in view. Interior locations have alternate view of 'before' condition in black & white.