Post #4: On 'Art' (Contra 'Applique')
Eric Tse
December 24, 2021

At EDGZ, we are constantly thinking about bringing to projects the higher calling of Art, always with a foundation of professionalism and service, as opposed to Applique.

I would define art as part vision and part craft, with each artwork so comprised in varying ratios. For vision, fundamentally art makes us see the world differently. Vision connotes both seeing things as is, as well as seeing things into the future. If a creation is only comprised of craft and does not make us see the world differently, then it is more simply a thing of design or representation or engineering.

Conversely, if a creation is only vision and no craft, then it is more conjecture or speculation, not based in the tangibility of the world*. Artists use the tools of their trade to manipulate and shape anew our understanding of the world, whether that is paint or pixel.
*Note: 'world' is expanding, with advent of metaverse and NFTs. Where previously, tangibility would have meant the physical world, people now occupy digital worlds where art composed of craft and vision can similarly take place.
Back in the Renaissance, when perspectival drawing was being invented, that is art. But now if you draw a perspective, that is just representation, not art. When Van Gogh created canvasses of painted dots that coalesce into wondrous scenery, that is art, it made us see the world differently, changing our understanding of how reality can be represented not just as direct visuals but that our brain can make the leap. And even an artist like Marcel Duchamp, who many regular people struggle with to understand or see value in, when he leaned a vacuum against a wall and put it in a museum, that is art, because he was making us think about the role of museums and objects, by using the tools of curatorship, namely the selection of objects and placement in a museum.
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