In-Verdure House
verdurous (adj.): rich in verdure; freshly green; verdant.
Inverting conventional notions of home and garden, the project is a balancing act between natural and built, inside and outside, heavy and light. Where once stood a typical brick Toronto centenarian, strategic incisions and green interventions transform the cramped spaces into a light-filled oasis.

The design evolved in concert with the homeowners, one being an avid gardener and the other having a strong preference for low maintenance monolithic surfaces, resulting in a parti of concrete massing moulded to hold planted elements with wood filigree details. In the front, concrete landforms raise the garden and bring it right up to the entry door and windows such that it can be enjoyed from an interior sitting area. In the middle, a double-height lightwell is inserted into the existing house, complete with a concrete table emerging out of the concrete floor to hold a tall indoor tree that reaches up to a new skylight. And in the rear, the addition is lowered to garden level to promote indoor-outdoor living, with full width doors to maximize light, views, and flow.

Project Type: Residential, Single Family Detached
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Status: Construction Spring 2023
GFA: 1,687 sqft
Client: Private
Contractor: Oakley Construction Inc.
Structural Engineer: Kieffer Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: ZAAB Consulting
3D Panorama Walkthrough
Instructions: Best viewed on desktop fullscreen. If viewed with a modern mobile device, click on the 'motion sensor' icon to look around the scene by moving the device. Use the 'media strip' thumbnails on the right side to move locations or click on geo pin icons in view. Interior locations have alternate view of 'before' condition in black & white.
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